Travel Journal

Cuzco, hiking the Lares trail and Macchu Picchu

(Saturday 20 August 2011) by Julia Bartholomew
Shortly after writing my last entry, I was helped by a very nice Argentinian lady to negotiate the Lima bus network. We hopped into a minibus, speeding along with the door open and its lady conductor hollering out its list of destinations. Hands and faces pressed up against the windows as the thing was packed to bursting point, though I pretty soon got a seat in the queen spot next to the driver. Manifestly the only gringa on the bus, I was the recipient of helpful advice from locals about not walking about on my own, especially at the beach. Then dinner at a ´criolo´ restaurant (which seems to mean huge piles of meat and friend potato in various forms in really delicious bbq type sauce) where on the next table a game old boy celebrated what looked like hi 80th with his large and boisterous family, with 2 cocktails lined up at his place awaiting his attention. I had a pisco sour myself, a satisfyingly eggy concoction invented in Lima. Then back to my respectable but glacial hostel, avoiding the attentions of the (over-)friendly night receptionist Diego, to seek oblivion under four layers of thick alpaca rug.



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